Observe other artists

You can't plan this stuff; surprise artist visitor at clogging class.

Anyone serving as admin for a clogging team’s website or social media account is familiar with this story: A message arrives from a stranger asking about dance class. He or she obtains all the pertinent info, including directions to the studio. Sometimes they show up, sometimes they don’t…

I thought I was dealing with this scenario when I replied to Corinna’s inquiries before Fancy Free’s regular Tuesday night clogging class.

Clogging lets my feet do the singing! (You're welcome, world...)

True story: I am SUCH a bad singer, a receptionist at work once created an office rule that I was not allowed to sing. An accompanying rule stated that she was not allowed to dance...

This lack of talent in no way stops me from singing terribly in the car, so beware if we ever carpool! It does, however, give me a great appreciation for the singing talents of others. Last weekend, my schedule was filled with music!

All That! and a trip to the beach.

Myrtle Beach, SC. Friday, July 15, 2016. Section B, Row 4, Seat 13. My vacation became way more awesome with a ticket to see All That! at the Carolina Opry!

I saw All That! perform in their "home" theater once before -  the last time Dieter held his Beach Jam competition - but the audience was full of cloggers. What would it be like on a "normal" summer night?

Perks and perils of clogging to live music.

For most of us, the typical clogging performance includes bringing music of our own. Predictable music. Exactly as practiced. Always sounds the same (with the exception of music technology glitches).

Sometimes, cloggers get to perform with live music instead! This brings a special level of fun and challenge!

A tale of two drag queens

Pay attention and every performer teaches something new or reinforces knowledge you already possess about putting on a show. No matter if it seemingly has nothing to do with your particular area of performance! I recently found tidbits of knowledge from an unexpected source.

Ginger has plenty going for her in her particular line of show: long legs, trim figure, gorgeous and obviously very expensive costumes, along with that special combo of confidence and pluck required to be a drag queen in the first place.  Ginger had top billing in this show.  Once her act began,  I was perplexed to see the "star" making rookie mistakes.