Please stand by: Technical difficulties in clogging.


"We've got a problem."

These words greeted me upon entering the clogging studio for dance class this week. One of our tech-savvy dancers was already  hunched over the computer, looking frustrated.

The computer with our music, which worked fine for Hoedown Island practice 2 days ago and worked fine for yoga class just the night before, was now crashing every time the music player opened.

Class was delayed a few minutes as those with computer skills investigated the problem and a stack of cds was perused to provide an alternative. An old sound system was brought out and connected to the speakers. 

We shared a hilarious moment when one clogger dramatically stuck out her hand and tried to HEAL the computer. She gets an A for effort but this method proved unsuccessful.

Class started with cds as our techie people continued to work on the problem. It was finally resolved (Thank you, Jordan!) and we switched back to our usual system.

Music issues are nothing new for cloggers. Records skip or crack, tapes break or get "eaten", cds skip, digital music crashes, speakers blow up. Whatever new music technology is headed our way, it will have flaws as well.

Thank you to everyone who worked on the music situation at class! Glad it happened at class and not a show!

Don't worry, I was fully prepared to sing if necessary...

Got your own stories of technical difficulties during a clogging class or performance? Feel free to share in the comments!