Clogger's Dictionary: Duct tape (noun)


Today's dictionary entry describes an item found in the dance bags of cloggers everywhere: duct tape. A common synonym is duck tape.

Here's my formal definition:

Duct tape (noun): A common adhesive capable of keeping a clogger on his/her feet instead of the tush when a dance surface is not ideal. This magical product can also be used to piece together a dance floor, secure an uncooperative speaker cord, hold worn dance shoes together, and hang a team banner.

Basically, if you don't keep a roll of duct tape in your dance bag, chances are good that you are always borrowing some from your teammates.

In the days of yore, duct tape was only available in the standard grey color. This shade matches clogging taps nicely, so no complaints from me. Today, however, you can mix it up with all sorts of colors and prints!

Cloggers have their individual methods of applying duct tape to the shoes, and everyone feels their particular technique is best. I put it directly on my taps. Others swear by taping a portion of the sole proximal to the tap, avoiding the metal entirely.

For the clumsy amongst us (my hand is raised high), even duct tape is not foolproof. Embarrassing spills still happen, especially when you are trying to impress! I hope your injuries are minor, and you are able to get back up and finish the dance.

Thank you for all that you do, duct tape! And thank you to the teammates who always have a roll at the ready!

Do you have a special method for taping YOUR clogging shoes? What are the craziest duct tape designs/prints you have found?