Clogging for a cause: Diabetes Dance Dare!


Have you heard about the Diabetes Dance Dare? If not, let's get you caught up - it is all the rage with cloggers who want to support a good cause!

According to the American Diabetes Association, someone in the United States is diagnosed with diabetes every 23 seconds. The dare is to post a video of yourself dancing for 23 seconds, make a donation to the association, and challenge 3 others to do the same.

Celebrities such as Shaq and Usher have created videos in support of the campaign, but I honestly never heard of it until Kay Trimm and the Clog Wild Cloggers (from Alabama) posted a video and challenged fellow cloggers to support the cause!

Clog Wild Cloggers performed a snippet of Andy Howard's choreography to "Thriller," and Kay credits Andy for helping to spread the video. She challenged him to create a video of his own, so we'll be looking forward to that soon!

Kay explained why this challenge means so much to her: "It's important to me because I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes a little over 2 years ago. I immediately changed the way I eat and adhere to a strict low carb diet to maintain normal blood sugar levels and clogging/dancing helps tremendously. Several of my cloggers, as well as friends and family are also diabetic so not only does it affect me but it affects those I love."

At the time of writing this post, Kay's video had over 7,400 views! Her response when I asked how she felt about getting so many views makes me want to play her video for everyone I know!

"Everyone loves to watch people dance so what better way to spread the word and build support than to challenge people to show their stuff. I really had no expectations on how many people would see it. I had hoped to reach a few people and those I challenged to reach a few people. I had no idea we would have this many views! It's really exciting! We are a long way from it going viral but if we passed 10,000 views that would be cool!"

Kay added, "I had not seen any other cloggers in any of the videos posted so the more cloggers that are willing to take the challenge then the more clogging gets out there to those that might not have seen it before. And in the process spread awareness for diabetes."

She emphasized that it is not a difficult process to join the challenge. "There's really nothing special about how we made the video. We practiced the dance and picked the section we wanted to do and planned for everyone to wear their team shirt. We got it in one take. The timing was perfect with Brad (on the left) and Olivia (on the right) falling in unison! If I had fallen, I would have probably ended up having to go to the chiropractor."

How far has Kay's video traveled? She was interviewed by a reporter with BBC London and received a mention in this article: 

Diabetes Dance Dare raises awareness of disease.

I was challenged by Kay to make a video for the Diabetes Dance Dare! Several clogging teammates were kind enough to dance with me at the team Halloween party. (Thanks, everybody!) 

Thank you to Kay and the Clog Wild Cloggers for bringing the Diabetes Dance Dare to the clogging world! Thank you to Andy Howard for his fun choreography and for helping to spread the video!

Please share Kay's video and help her reach that goal of 10,000 views and beyond!

What causes have YOU clogged for?