Clogging teammates have your back!


If you've been dancing with a clogging group for a decent amount of time, they've probably "had your back" when you struggled in one way or another. I can now claim that my teammates have my back in a more literal sense!

Last weekend was my team's first performance of the season at the Red Barn. It felt great to be back on that stage, sporting new outfits, and clogging for the sizeable crowd gathered to watch Gene Watson in concert!

At the end of our set, we descended the stage steps to clog up the aisles and interact with the audience before making a grand exit.

The seating area of this facility has a smooth concrete floor. You can probably guess what happened: a heel tap slid as my weight shifted onto that foot.

You know how these things feel like they happen in slow motion? I struggled to regain footing, but felt myself losing the battle and falling back.

Lucky for me, the quick-thinking clogger behind me saw all this. She managed to give me a shove which provided just enough extra force to regain an upright position and keep dancing!

Thanks, Molly! You prevented total wipeout!

Here is our dramatic reenactment backstage:


My clogging teammates have supported me in more serious ways over the years, but that's another post for another day. Cue up the Golden Girls theme song...

When did your teammates have your back?