Five clogging competition truths.


My team attended Shindig In The Valley clogging competition last weekend. In addition to some awards and great memories, I walked away with a few observations:

1. No need to worry about finding bobby pins/safety pins. They are all over the dressing room floor!

I am the person on my team who packs EVERYTHING in her clogging bag. Need duct tape, shoe polish, band-aids, a granola bar? Sure, it's in there! However, once each team cycled through a costume change, it became unnecessary to dig in the bag for certain items. The carpet was covered in discarded bobby pins and safety pins! 

2. We're all sharing the same experience.

I complimented the costume of an adorable little girl in the dressing room. She shared that this was her first competition. When I wished her luck,  this young lady suddenly turned serious and sounded much older than her years: "I'm just trying not to freeze." (Me too, chickadee. Me, too!)

3. The smiling judge makes you feel better.

There is at least one at every competition. He or she appears to be genuinely enjoying the performance. It really helps! (Thanks, Matt!)

4. Don't take your pantyhose off. Just don't.

Some costumes require pantyhose, some do not. You may think it's a good idea to remove those uncomfortable stockings when the time comes to wear pants instead of a skirt - don't do it! The effort of putting pantyhose back on when your legs are sweaty negates any joy of that pantyhose-free time. Even worse is trying to help a child complete the task! (Speaking from personal experience on that one!)

5. Watching tiny tot solos is an excellent use of your time.

Prepare for an overload of cuteness! At least one kid will dance with gusto and make your day! 

Do YOU have any competition truths to add to the list?