Signs you are maturing as a competition clogger...


Those healthy enough and lucky enough to compete as cloggers into adulthood know that the game changes with time. (Not necessarily a bad thing.) Here are 10 signs that may indicate you are THERE:

10. All costumes must be planned around your most supportive bra - no exceptions!

9. On competition day, the timing of your Aleve/Tylenol dosage is considered crucial strategy.

8. You don't recognize any of the songs these young whippersnappers are dancing to these days.

7. You laugh when a teammate, young enough to be your child, complains about being tired.

6. Instead of bringing a lucky charm, you travel with a heating pad.

5. You may or may not have made plans before the first dance this morning to meet your clogging friends tonight for a post-competition beverage.

4. You know that every dancer will mess up from time to time. Sure, you need to determine what went wrong, but hurry up, get over it, and get mentally prepared for the next dance.

3. You view the other teams in your age division as friends, not rivals.

2. You already have future plans to dominate every category allowing props by planning choreography around your cane/walker, which will of course be decorated to match your costume.

1. Yes, you are dancing in front of judges, but you don't need them. You know if you danced your best and had fun, and that means more than the biggest trophy in this place.

How many of these have YOU experienced?