TWO are knighted Clogger of the Year!


Cloggers (and non-dancing folks) want their hard work and accomplishments recognized! Fancy Free holds an awards banquet to recap each year before a new one begins. It's also a great excuse to eat!


A dance floor full of tables can't stop a spirited rendition of the "Chicken Dance" while we wait for everyone to arrive.


Each member of the clogging family receives a medal and is celebrated for his or her accomplishments and contributions to the team.


Leah listens carefully as Bob, one of FFC's instructors, praises the progress she has made so far and discusses his hopes for Leah's future in clogging.


Twinning x 4 with our new clogging bling!


The Smile Award is a newer tradition, started last year with bobblehead trophies. It goes to dancers who make us smile each week in clogging class. Johnna and Jaime are fitting recipients! A celebratory kick line is the perfect touch, ladies.

Special thanks to everyone who participated in the banner challenge! The town of Manchester, Ohio displayed banners along the main street honoring local veterans. Between Memorial Day and Veterans Day, several cloggers and friends of FFC snapped a photo with Jim's banner, including his daughter and great-grandson. We presented Jim with a book of all the pictures.

The Larry Pummel Award is one of FFC's highest honors, presented in memory of a team grandfather. This year's deserving recipient was unable to attend the banquet due to a work obligation. Rose Marie will receive her plaque at a future dance practice. We appreciate all the ways she goes above and beyond to support the team.


Fancy Free's other highest honor is Clogger of the Year. For the first time ever, we have TWO! The studio vote resulted in a tie between Molly and Jim. Jim is our amazing 94-year-old clogger who wins the hearts of audiences everywhere. Molly is a senior in high school who has truly come into her own this year; she is proficient with choreography, has an impressive memory of routines we haven't done for years, and is a leader to the younger dancers.


Be sure to congratulate these two well-dressed cloggers!


Fancy Free Cloggers did not forget our fearless leader, who teaches yoga in addition to clogging. Fingers crossed this apron covered in yoga poses will inspire Evie to cook up a batch of biscuits and gravy for the next Clog Camp...


My wish for 2018 is for all cloggers to be as happy as Riley after receiving her medal!

Does YOUR team give any special awards?