Easy snack for clogging practice: peanut butter protein balls!


I am not a breakfast eater, certainly not a food blogger, not even a particularly good cook. However, a clogger's gotta eat! Thus is my dilemma most weekends before dance practice.

Practice starts at 1:00 (meaning I need to get there earlier to be READY by 1:00). Fancy Free Studio is about 60 miles from my house, and this clogger likes to get extra sleep on the weekends! I'll leisurely sip a mocha to wake up, which leaves me not wanting real food before it's time to leave. The granola bars I usually pack get old quick. I need SOMETHING to keep up the energy level!

Enter my new favorite dance studio snack: peanut butter protein balls! I came across this recipe while reading someone else's blog. It sounded tasty, AND I had the ingredients on hand! Click the link below to find Jessica's blog post with the recipe:


Took my first batch to competition team practice and almost immediately got a request for the recipe! Our competition team is spoiled with regards to food - one of our dancers is a culinary student. She frequently brings treats that require actual skill to create...

Made my second batch last week to have an easy snack available in the fridge as I recover from minor surgery. Turned out great once again!

Dancers need food! Easy, healthy snack to take to clogging practice!

A couple things to note:

1.  I thought there was flaxseed in my cupboard - nope! The recipe turned out fine without it. I added extra oats (just a little) until the consistency seemed right. 

2.  Jessica suggests using a cookie scoop with a release lever to get the perfect size and shape for each one. Didn't have one -  I agree that it would sure come in handy!

3. Obviously, this is not a good snack to bring to the studio if you have dancers with nut allergies!

Many thanks to Jessica for posting this yummy recipe!

Do YOU have any snack suggestions for cloggers?