The early clogger gets the discount hotel rate...


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Lesson learned. Do NOT hesitate to book your hotel room for a clogging competition or workshop!

My team will be attending the NCHC National Clogging Competition in September. It will take place at the Opryland Hotel! Of course, there are discount hotel rates for cloggers. Of course, there are limitations on those discounts.

I would normally book well in advance, but was awaiting a final decision regarding whether we would attend or not. Several of our dancers have been dealing with medical issues of close family members, major changes in personal or professional lives, personal health issues - you know, the stuff of life. We held a meeting and decided the competition was a go!

Have you been to the Opryland Hotel? I have not, and had no idea it was so spectacular! I looked it up before practice the other day, following a link to get "clogger rates" for competition weekend. The cheaper rooms were still available for the nights I planned to stay. 


Nope, I put together the travel plan and decided to first run it by the teenage teammate who will be staying with me. She was equally dazzled by online photos of the hotel and totally on board with my plan. 

Returning home from practice, I logged in to book the room. The cheap rooms were GONE!

This story still ends well. I was able to book a slightly nicer room at a higher, but still discounted rate. I can't wait to explore the place!

MORAL OF THE STORY: Book your room right away to make sure you get the discount rate for clogging workshops and competitions!

This tee shirt made me laugh about the situation.

Who else is attending NCHC Nationals this year? If you haven't booked your hotel yet, do it now! At the time of this writing, I believe the cheaper rooms are still available for some nights of the competition, but not all.

Have YOU been to the Opryland Hotel? Any suggestions for restaurants or activities to try while we're there?