Clogging love across the miles!


You know you're a clogger when... you take a trip and it's easier to choose souvenirs for your clogging family than your actual family, ha-ha!

I recently returned from a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Peru, including a hike up Machu Picchu Mountain and a visit to the beautiful Machu Picchu site. 


Every trip has its hurdles. The first was explaining to Nellie No that she wasn't going with us.

Second was adjusting to the altitude. I'd like a little more AIR in my air, please! We spent a couple days touring the city of Cusco and nearby ruins to prepare for our big day of hiking.

I fell in love with many things about Cusco, including the dancing crosswalk lights!


A train ride took us to Aguas Calientes for the night so we could be in line for the bus by (gasp) 5:00 am!


Bring on the steep stone steps! Our hiking group consisted of me, my handsome gentleman (He's exceedingly proud of that new hat, btw.), our good friend Plum, and Stefanie, a German college student we befriended on the train.


I mentioned the steps, right? At times, they were practically a ladder! Thank you to my ortho office for that pre-trip shot in the knee.


Made it to the top! If anyone shows you a photo from this location and their hair and make-up still looks good, be very suspicious. The views were amazing, and I made a video message up there for Evie to play at clogging class in my absence. Missing two weeks of dance class is just not normal!


After a long journey DOWN the steps, we met our tour guide for Machu Picchu and explored this wonder of the world. 


The resident llamas are accustomed to supermodel status.


A couple days later, I received a message from Evie. Clogging class made a video of "Rocky Top"  and sent photos to bring a bit of the studio to Peru!


The remainder of the Peru trip was also wonderful, and Nellie No and Charlotte Sandiego have mostly forgiven me for leaving them home.

Can anyone out there teach me how to dance like that crosswalk light? There's clearly a drag-slide element to it...