SAA-LUTE! Smoky Mountain Encore 2018


When your "Hee Haw Honeys" pose is photobombed by a chicken, you might be at Smoky Mountain Encore 2018...


Fancy Free was in excellent company among the almost 1000 cloggers from all over (including the Czech Republic) making a journey to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for this annual dance workshop. There's also a clogging competition associated with this event.

This year's Hee Haw theme was carried throughout the show, tee shirts, and the costume fun dance Saturday night.


Why does the convention center clutter their entryway with this sign? I'm bringing my coffee,  water, and snacks like a rebel. Just like EVERYONE else.


Hurry up and play "Highway 40 Blues," Trevor! My team brought six dancers attending their first clogging workshop ever. Madison is at the ready to join the opening night fun dance as soon as she hears a song she knows! It was so much fun to experience these clogging milestones with them.


CLOGGING CELEBRITY SIGHTING: Kay Trimm of Clog Wild Cloggers represented Alabama in Lifetime's "Her America" web series. Kay did her state and the clogging world proud!


A whole weekend of dance class is a beautiful thing! The group in my hotel room poured over the schedule each evening, listening to the music and making tough decisions regarding which classes to take. Randi and Trevor teaching "Small Town Weekend" on Friday afternoon was a must!


Wanna branch out and try something new? In addition to clogging, class offerings included yoga with Evie (always a big hit), Zumba, hip hop, lifts, country heat, and contra dancing. 

Whitney and I lucked out in contra dancing class; our first square contained experienced contra dancers. Many thanks to that couple for leading us the right way. I totally want to go somewhere and try contra dancing now!


I broke a toe tap during Andy Howard's class and danced a hole in my sock on the other foot. Andy is clearly to blame for both events! Carl's Clogging Supply fixed my shoe up in a jiffy.


Backstage was a fun place to be during the Hee Haw show. Here are two of my favorite Minnie Pearls.


Dieter's Encore costume NEVER disappoints! Eat your heart out, Lulu.


Gatlinburg makes for a fun getaway with the clogging family. Everything is within walking distance, so there's no fighting traffic or searching for a parking spot. We always return home with happy memories and new inside jokes!


Gatlinburg Convention Center has a brand spanking new photo op. SO new, I watched it being installed while getting my morning mocha. Riverside Cloggers from West Virginia put it to good use.


Best dressed award for Saturday classes clearly goes to Jadyn. This young lady got all dolled up to celebrate her 8th birthday!


I don't mean to brag, but Fancy Free Cloggers are ready for this fun dance costume contest.


"Cotton-Eyed Joe" at the fun dance was a fashionable affair!


While we're on the topic of style, check out Eliza and me twinning in Encore shirts back home at Fancy Free Clogging Studio.


CLOGGING CELEBRITY SIGHTING: Julia is 90 years old, she danced all weekend, and she is the undisputed sweetheart of Smoky Mountain Encore. Thank you for making us smile and for giving us something to aspire to. Looking forward to a repeat photo next year, Julia!


Morgan Hudson doesn't know it, but he is the source of a hilarious-to-us inside joke. My roommates and I were tired and slap happy while listening to songs and choosing schedules for Friday. I misheard the lyrics of "Attention" to be "runnin' round, runnin' round, runnin' round, throwing that turtle on my name." I stopped the song, played it again, and we laughed so hard that a teammate in the next hotel room texted to ask what was going on! She didn't expect us to be the rowdy room. 

Turtle jokes continued all weekend, and several of us came home with turtle shirts. Thanks, Connie! 

Sorry, Morgan - we opted for a different class because there is no way we can dance to that song with a straight face now. BTW, I stand by my interpretation of the lyrics.


Encore dancers, I had a blast clogging with y'all in Gatlinburg. I hope to see you next year!

Congrats to all the winners at the clogging competition. THANK YOU to the staff and organizers.

(Some photos used in this post came from Riverside Cloggers. Thanks!)

Does YOUR team have any new inside jokes from Smoky Mountain Encore?