Party like a clog star!


There is a world full of cool cloggers out there, but very few achieve the 95-years-old-and-still-crushing-it level of cool. My teammate Jim Kimmerly celebrated his birthday last weekend with not one, but TWO parties in his honor!

His Saturday party was with another organization lucky enough to count Jim among its members, and I hear he had a blast.

Fancy Free Cloggers got to attend the family party on Sunday at a local Ponderosa. Jim's daughter Cheryl planned a lovely event, with relatives traveling from near and far to be present. 


The guest of honor proudly sported his new hat, which declares, "Who knew 95 could look this good!"


The photo display captured everyone's attention. So many stories contained within those prints...


Our young cloggers were thrilled to help celebrate Jim's special day! Remington's train shirt was a big hit.


Pat snuck in a pretty good photobomb on Jim and Evie.


Cheryl decided against using 95 actual candles. Can't imagine why! I don't think it hindered Jim's birthday wish in the slightest, though.


I needed a photo op with the birthday boy, too! Thank you, Jim, for being a wonderful friend,  teammate,  role model, and clogging family member. to me. It only takes a few minutes of interacting with other folks who know you to appreciate that you are so many things to so many people. The amount of love in that room is a testament to the man you are.

THANK YOU to the cloggers and other friends who sent birthday greetings via Facebook. Special thanks to Jeff Driggs, whose sweet tribute spread the news of Jim's birthday all through the clogging world. (Jim's daughter will be showing him your posts and comments. He loves it!)

THANK YOU to Cheryl, Chuck, and Jim Jr. for allowing the clogging family to be part of your family.