Clogger shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo!


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Forget shark WEEK; we’re having a shark YEAR at Fancy Free Clogging Studio! The kiddos (and adults) have developed an ever-changing performance of this catchy tune which now closes Tuesday night clogging class. Hard to believe it all started with a sucker.


At FFC’s first Tuesday night clogging class of the new year, Remington arrived with shark and crocodile candy toys to keep him occupied while mom and big sisters danced. Remington has achieved expert clogger brother status.

The shark sucker was by far his favorite, prompting “Baby Shark” references all evening.


Evie played the tune from her phone as the final song of the night, unaware of what she just started.


Adult cloggers joined in, because we’re cool like that.


Later in January, the kids requested the song as a class closer. By February, “Baby Shark” was a must.


Singing the “Grandma Shark” verse to your actual grandma is automatically a highlight of the week!


Parading “Baby Shark” through a king’s highway was impressive.


Sometime around early May, Evie decorated the studio with shark balloons! They are still hanging, but are now so wrinkled as to resemble great-great-great-grandparent sharks.


After the first night in January, “Baby Shark” was left to the domain of the children, with a few exceptions on special occasions, such as the king’s highway. It was the time to get stuff gathered up to leave, change shoes, etc. Adults and teens cheered and participated from the sidelines, but that was mostly it.

Then Evan quietly introduced cameo appearances.


I am usually the one taking photos during class, and I noticed Evan casually doing all the motions whenever he walked across the studio to dispose of trash, etc.

His cameos developed into a regular thing, and other cloggers started making cameo appearances of their own.


Fast forward a few weeks, and the dance floor was filled with sharks of all ages!


Fancy Free Cloggers even included “Baby Shark” as an audience participation number at Jackson County Fair in WV a few days before Shark Week.

I believed we had reached peak shark at that point.



Eliza showed up to this week’s class with a surprise! Her costume was hilarious, and now I have NO clue what peak shark will consist of.


In the meantime, we sure are having fun, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo!

My apologies for getting the song stuck in your head. Who else is using “Baby Shark” as a fun dance in clogging class?

Here’s the lollipop which started it all for Fancy Free: