Prepare to deck the clogging halls!


Yes, it's still October - time to start rehearsals for Christmas performances!

While the general public may not think about Christmas shows until after Thanksgiving, performers need time to prepare!

We've got to find and make adjustments to music, figure out costumes, and learn choreography and formations. All this as personal schedules become progressively more packed with holiday obligations!

In my part of Ohio, plan on losing at least one practice session due to icy roads or a winter storm knocking out electricity. Last winter was rough - we lost several practices because of nasty road conditions!

If you are participating in a large show, you may find the PERFECT piece of music, only to discover that another performer has claimed the same song.

Searching for Christmas music each year is one of my favorite holiday show prep activities. There are some CRAZY holiday songs out there!

A few to consider if your clogging team is currently on the hunt:

(All of these songs are available for purchase on iTunes at the time of this posting.)

Ugly sweater

(Artist: Mistletoe Conspiracy)

Costumes are pretty easy for this one! Be careful, though - if you want to borrow Aunt Ethel's ugly Christmas sweater, it may be best to just ask for her "Christmas sweater."

Christmas Dinner, Country Style

(Artist: Bing Crosby)

Easy to repurpose a precision or hoedown routine with this one, and you're ready to go!


Artist: The Superions (Fred Schneider, the dude from the B-52's, is in this band. Yes, he sounds just like he does in Love Shack!)

The beat is strange for clogging, but the song is hilarious! Play with the speed until it works for you and make a skit out of it!

Let it go

Artist: The Beef Seeds

I love a good bluegrass cover of just about any song! This version is quite cloggable. (If you have extra time, look up the rest of their videos on Youtube. Just to make you smile.)

Have fun getting ready for those Christmas shows!

Do YOU have a unique holiday song to suggest? Leave it in the comments!
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