Adopt a cat, adopt a dog! Pet name ideas that show you clog.


Considering a new pet for the household this holiday season? Once you find that new family member, he or she needs a name.

Here are my suggestions for pet names inspired by clogging. Some are obvious choices; others are subtle references only understood by fellow cloggers.

Clogger, Dancer, Tapper, Stomper, Shuffler, Shuffles

Lay it out there for the whole world to see: You have an awesome pet AND you clog! Any questions?

Buck, Bell

Give a nod to your favorite clogging taps!

Samantha, Scotty, Joey, Lucy...

Any step with a person's name will do. Your non-clogging friends will wonder why you keep doing the same strange foot movements every time you call the cat...

Flea Flicker

Incredibly accurate for outdoor pets during certain times of the year.


Admit it: You wanna walk around the house or yard yelling this loudly to call for your pet! Take your dog for a walk in the park and see how many strangers break into dance!

Banjo, Fiddle, Dobro, Mandolin

Adopt a whole litter and feel like a bluegrass band moved in!

Dirty Toes

For those outdoor pets who love playing in the mud!


Easily shortened to Allie or Mandy when the cat/dog is not in trouble.

Crazy Legs

Fun name for a pet with an amusing running style.

Cotton-Eyed Joe

Love this name for a stray you decide to keep! Where did you come from, Cotton-Eyed Joe?

Spanky, Petticoat, Crinoline

Because these words are fun to say. Your pet will serve as a constant reminder for packing your clogging bag.

My final clogging pet name suggestion is...


As in Rocky Top. 'Nuff said.


If you live anywhere near my corner of Ohio, I recommend Sierra's Haven For New And Used Pets in Portsmouth, Ohio. Both of my cats came from there. It's pretty much impossible to enter the cat room or kitten room of Sierra's and not bring a favorite home. (Didn't check out the dog side, but I suspect it has the same effect on dog people.)

Do you have other clogging-inspired pet names to suggest?