Clogger's Dictionary: One more time (command)


Today's vocabulary lesson covers a phrase heard at every clogging studio: one more time. A common synonym is again. This phrase is often referred to as the biggest lie in clogging.

Here's my take on a formal definition:

One more time (command): A phrase which indicates a clogging instructor is not yet satisfied with the way a particular dance or step is being performed and therefore the group must dance it again. It should be noted there is no limit to the use of this command.

Woe to the new dancer who believes he/she will actually be performing the dance only one more time!

Many a clogger has been reduced to a sweaty, exhausted mess by repeated use of this command. Somehow, we get back up, dig deep, and find that final bit of energy to dance it again (hopefully with synchronized turns this time). Because that's what cloggers do.

Many an instructor has been tempted to rip out his/her hair when the hoedown circles are still off-center or some dancers are still late to hit the ending pose after the forty-ninth try. However, he/she KNOWS they can do it on the fiftieth, so ONE MORE TIME is called out one more time. Because that's what instructors do.

It's a terrible feeling as a new dancer to know you're the reason "one more time" was called. Relax! Whatever mistake was made, it probably wasn't ONLY you. Even if it was only you, know that we've all been there before and we'll all be there again. Keep trying! You're bound to get it right after we dance it one more time...

What word would YOU add to the Clogger's Dictionary?