Get back into the swing of things!


Christmas/New Year's break is almost over! It will soon be time to return to dance class!

Don't know about you, but I'm expecting to feel a little rusty.

While my studio took only two weeks off (I guess it's technically three, since the last class before Christmas was our awards banquet), we were focused on routines for Christmas shows leading up to the break.

When Fancy Free Cloggers return to class this Tuesday, our director will surely witness blank stares and missed steps when those familiar songs blare from the sound system once again.

On a good note, my teammates and I tend to forget different parts, so I am confident someone will be able to pick up the lead when one dancer (or several) go astray.

If not, we can always consult the notebook of cuesheets!

If at all possible, plan a little practice time into the final days of your holiday break to keep those routines in an accessible part of the brain.

Welcome back, cloggers!

How do YOU prepare to return to class after a holiday break?