From the mouths of babes: 2016 clogging goals


I showed up to our first clogging class of 2016 with notebook in hand and invited my teammates to answer the following questions:

1. What are your clogging goals for 2016?
2. What is your plan to achieve each goal?

It was no surprise to see the kids flock to the table to share their goals. The surprise came the next morning when I read their responses and found plenty of advice to apply to my own life!

I'm sure you can find some gems in here, too:

Ben and his cousin Marcia

Goal: Learn more steps.

Plan: Work harder and learn more songs.

(Sounds like a good plan to me!)


I would like to choreograph a song and teach it and perform it at demos. The steps would be clogging steps with a cool, hip-hop twist, especially with arm movements.

(Have fun blending the dance styles you enjoy!)


My clogging goals for 2016 are to move from intermediate to advanced and to maintain a healthy body so I can continue to dance.

My plan to achieve these goals are to always give it my all when learning, stay open-minded, and always keep my clogging in the back of my mind when making decisions to ensure my safety and well-being.

(Um, wow. Excuse me a moment while I go memorize this plan...)


My goal for 2016 is to try to get Clogger Of The Year.

(This is the highest award at our clogging studio and it is given each year to someone who not only works hard at clogging, but also sets an excellent example on a personal level. Clearly, this young lady is setting the bar very high for herself this year!)


To not be shy in front of people while dancing. And to stay loose.

(Hear, hear! I nominate this to be a universal goal for all cloggers in 2016!)


To win my solo.

(Go for it!)


My goals for 2016 are to improve myself and my dancing in any way I can. This includes improving my stamina, endurance, raising my knees up higher, smiling, and every other aspect of clogging.

Another goal is to balance my schedule better and de-stress myself, seeing as my 2015 endeavors sometimes turned hectic due to overbooking myself.

I will achieve my first goal by practicing more. I will achieve my second goal by trying to prioritize a bit more.

(Another wow. Awesome universal goals not just for clogging, but for LIFE. I love how she starts her plan with "I will achieve" - we all need to borrow that!)

The kids didn't get to have ALL the fun! my director shared solid clogging goals as well:


My clogging goals for 2016 is to continue to hold up my part in making our team look strong and powerful in competition and shows. To continue to be a good leader and example of holding us to high standards.

My plan to achieve these goals is working even harder than I have in the past and staying young in heart just like Jim Kimmerly.

(And that's why she's the boss! For those of you who don't know him, Jim Kimmerly is our 92-year-old clogging teammate and Evie's duet partner.)

Thank you for sharing your goals, Fancy Free Cloggers! You've given me much to think about as I develop my own.

What are YOUR clogging goals for 2016? What is YOUR plan to achieve each goal?