Five clogging steps that feel WRONG on the right foot.


Why is it that certain clogging steps NEVER start on the right foot? It isn't a matter of difficulty; advanced cloggers are expected to perform pullbacks bilaterally, but most will hesitate when asked to perform these easier steps on the opposite foot!

Next dance class, challenge your teammates to give these steps a try on the right:

1. Charleston

To my feet, this was the easiest to switch over of this list. However, I can't recall any dances from my past that include a right-footed Charleston! 

2. Samantha

This required more concentration, but it was doable, even with a turn. Have you ever done this in a routine?

3. Mountain Goat

Now we're getting serious! I will admit I had to dance this on the left first to figure out the foot placement...

4. Cowtail

I was able to do it, but swinging that left leg around feels incredibly awkward! The mirror confirmed that I looked awkward, too!

5. Canadian Gallop (Or any gallop variation)

A left-handed former teammate used to choreograph sequences which felt completely backwards to me. Thanks to Krista P, I have performed a gallop sequence on both feet in a competition routine. It took me forever to get, but her choreo did make me a better clogger. (Thanks, Krista!)

My attempt at this step required going through it multiple times on the usual foot before I was able to complete it accurately on the right.

Thank you to my teammates for humoring me at class this week and trying all five steps on the opposite foot! 

Do YOU have any steps to suggest for this exercise? How did you and your team do with these?