The clogging team that stays together, um, stays together...


On a recent trip to Chicago, my clogging team tried something new for accommodations: Airbnb!

We normally do the hotel thing, sharing rooms to cut down on cost. That works fine, but we aren't all together, we're usually cramped in a small room, etc.

During the planning process for this trip, one of my teammates spoke up about her experience with Airbnb. She offered to research options through that service.

She ended up finding a house with enough space for everyone at a reasonable price! Our house had a kitchen, a big living room, even a foosball table, all for less cash than we would've spent on hotel rooms for the weekend.


Jim liked the kitchen decor!


Some Airbnb listings are for entire homes or apartments; others are for just for a room in someone's home. You must sign up for an Airbnb account in order to book a place. Any special house rules are noted in the listing. Guests leave reviews for their hosts, and hosts also rate their guests. (My teammate made it clear that we were expected to take good care of the property in order to maintain her excellent rating!)

This turned out to be a great option for my team! I would certainly consider using this service for other trips in the future. (Thank you, Hollie!)

TIP: If you have a friend with an Airbnb account, get an "invite" from him or her to join. Signing up through that link will get your friend a referral credit.

(I am not affiliated with Airbnb and received no compensation for this blog post.)

NOTE: Clogging groups may want to consider the type of event they are attending when planning accommodations. Staying at the host hotel helps workshop organizers keep fees under control. Fancy Free Cloggers was not attending a clogging event when we stayed at this Airbnb. 

Do YOU have any travel tips for clogging teams on the go?