Christmas party game for cloggers! Silly ad-libs!


Today's post is inspired by the latest issue of Double Toe Times, the clogging magazine. (If you don't already subscribe, click HERE to fix that.) The article on pages 18-22 suggests a whole list of clogging party games and activities, including clogging ad-lib word games. 

Word games AND clogging?! I am IN!!! Here are a few just in time for everybody's clogging team parties! Print these out and create a unique story with your fellow dancers!

For those of you who aren't familiar, the game leader asks one person (or the group as a whole) for words to fill in the blanks in a story. The story, which usually makes no sense, is then read aloud. The reader is encouraged to be as dramatic as he/she wishes!

1. You'll Never Dance In This Town Again

We thought it would be a great holiday experience. The mayor asked us to clog at __________(local Christmas event) and we __________(verb ending in -ed) at the chance!

Our first mistake was to put __________(name of a team member) in charge of costumes. Our second mistake was to let __________(name of another team member) choose the music.

__________(exclamation)! We ended up on the stage wearing __________(adjective) pantyhose and too-short __________(item of clothing, plural). Most everybody refused to wear the Christmas __________(noun, plural) that were supposed to cover our __________(name of a body part, plural).

The audience exchanged __________(adjective) glances as the music started. When they recognized the first strains of __________(name of a hated Christmas song) played by a __________(animal) on the __________(musical instrument), the crowd turned on us.

No amount of __________(name of a clogging step, plural) could win the audience over at that point. They charged the stage, brandishing __________(Christmas decoration, plural) and __________(noun, plural).

The mayor says we'll be invited to clog at a community event again when __________(animal, plural) __________(verb)!

2. Best Clogging Christmas Party Ever

The __________(emotion) was building at __________(name of your dance studio) for the Christmas party! Rumors flew that __________(name of a favorite dance instructor) might stop by to teach an advanced __________(a sport) and clogging fusion class.

Each dancer brought a __________(noun) to use as a prop, just in case, and the party began. As soon as we finished icing the traditional Christmas __________(noun, plural), there was a __________(adjective) noise outside; our guest instructor arrived, driving a one horse open __________(mode of transportation)!

We set to work learning choreography and did not take a break until the final 4 counts of __________(silly dance move) looked polished and __________(adjective).

Instead of __________(verb ending in -ing) the sound system, our guest instructor opened the door to reveal __________(name of a famous singer), who performed a song created just for the new dance!

We may need a bit more practice on our __________(adjective) dance moves, but the song "Jingle __________(noun, plural)" is sure to become a Christmas classic!

3. Christmas Choreography

That reindeer dance costume almost ruined Christmas! I didn't want to wear it in the first place: it was __________(adjective) and sagged in all the __________(adjective) places.

However, __________(name of your dance instructor) insisted, so off I went to the Christmas Eve parade!

The rest of the team dressed as Christmas __________(occupation, plural) and __________(adverb) clogged the steps of __________(name of a clogging routine) to a variety of holiday music.

I couldn't see because of that __________(adjective) reindeer mask and __________(verb ending in -ed) so far behind that I got entangled with the real reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh.

The costume was __________(adverb) convincing, because they cut __________(one of Santa's reindeer) loose instead of me! Too __________(mood) to speak and too tangled to fall out of the harness, I flew around with Santa to deliver __________(noun, plural) to all the boys and girls.

After about __________(number) houses, I started to feel more like myself and taught the other reindeer how to do __________(clogging step, plural) while we waited on the housetops.

It was all fun and __________(noun, plural) until our clogging noise woke a child up. Santa hurried up the chimney without his milk and __________(food item) to avoid being spotted!

Santa discovered the mix-up and threw his __________(Christmas decoration)! He took me home and retrieved his reindeer from the clogging studio.

I only got __________(a terrible Christmas gift) in my stocking that year, but that's okay. Every year since, if I listen carefully, I can hear 32 hooves clogging __________(name of a clogging routine) on my rooftop!

Merry Christmas, Cloggers!

I tested these ad-libs on that certain handsome gentleman I married and was thoroughly impressed when he named the ankle breaker as a clogging step! Thanks to story #3, the phrase "it was all fun and bread slices until..."  has been added to the household vernacular!

Want more? This isn't specific to clogging, but I found a dance-related Mad Libs book!

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Do YOU play any games at your team Christmas party?