Clogger's Dictionary: Christmas show (noun)


It's that time of year! Seems like every clogging team is part of a local holiday show or parade, or maybe they're putting on a show of their own. Our clogging vocabulary lesson this week examines the Christmas show!

Christmas show (noun): A dance performance which generally occurs sometime late November through December 25th, designed to not only bring the normal level of clogging joy, but to also get folks into the Christmas spirit! This may be exclusively a clogging show, or perhaps the dancers are part of a larger cast with singers, musicians, actors, etc.

Costumes have an extra level of crazy - anything goes! You may be wearing pajamas, antlers, an ugly sweater, lights, a chipmunk costume (I made a fine Theodore, thank you very much!), a wreath, tinsel, elf shoes, angel wings, whatever. Just go with it!

Music choices abound! It's amazing how many versions one can find of popular Christmas songs! You will probably encounter your favorite AND least favorite holiday tune in any big production. (Could we PLEASE make that song about the Christmas shoes go away? UGH!) 

Be prepared to listen to those Christmas songs for months - rehearsals may start in September!

Cloggers, beware of snow machines, aka soap bubbles falling from the sky. Very pretty! Now the stage is a slippery sheet of death. Smile while you dance!  :)

In all seriousness, clogging in a Christmas show is a wonderful experience which can bring happiness to the audience and cast. I hope your performances go well! 

Are YOU performing in a Christmas show this year? What are your costumes/songs?