Favorite clogging steps! Yippee!


We love our clogging steps! Unlike the way it works with cats or children, it is perfectly acceptable to have a favorite clogging step or two. 

Here are a few of mine:

5. Rooster Run


Yes, it is really a fancy double, but fancier. This step can go a serious distance if needed and still keep your same foot free. And maybe help you wake up in the morning.

4.  Shuffles

Drag-slide-drag-slide-drag-slide-drag slide

Such a joyful step! Shuffles exude energy, even without the feet leaving the ground. This step can produce an impressive amount of noise - a happy bonus.

3. Buck Basics


My sentimental favorite. I was so proud of myself the night I learned how to do these!  The routine was "Down At The Twist And Shout" as choreographed by Bruce Wolfe of The Midnight Cloggers. The rest of the team already knew this dance, and I stared in amazement, trying to figure out how they managed to make those extra sounds in the same amount of time as a regular basic. No place was safe from my spontaneous buck basic practice for about a month after that...

2. Turkey


I enjoy traveling as far as possible on this step. Some of my teammates can almost cross the whole studio on ONE turkey!

1. Outhouse


MY FAVORITE! The bounce you can get on this step is great! I love the many variations on this step, too (petticoat pump, etc.). High energy, looks and sounds impressive when the whole team does high knees.

Whew! It was tough to narrow down this list! There are so many steps I love that aren't on here.

I'm hoping to see my favorite steps (and maybe learn some new faves!) at the Encore clogging workshop this weekend in Gatlinburg, Tennessee!

What are YOUR favorite clogging steps?