Have you complimented a clogger today?


Have you attended a well-run dance class or workshop lately? Watched a clogger nail a routine in competition or a demo? Is a dancer on your team working hard and progressing quickly from beginner to intermediate level? Did someone bring tasty snacks (no bake cookies, perhaps) to clogging class?

Give these folks some compliments!

None of the wonderful things listed above happen by accident. There is hard work and planning involved, and people want their efforts to be recognized.

It takes practically no time, and your compliment can be a big lift to someone's day. There are so many ways now to tell people they are awesome - you can make it a public or private compliment on social media, send it via email or text, make a phone call or send an old-fashioned letter, or even deliver the compliment in person.

Don't hold back because you assume the person receives compliments all the time; that champion clogger or beloved instructor or event organizer hears plenty of complaints and criticisms, too.

I'll get things started:

Evie Poe: Your last yoga class at the Encore workshop was great!  You managed to teach a fun, relaxing class in a crowded room of sore, tired cloggers.

Kerri Orthner: Your teach with Naomi at Encore was my first time taking a class from you. I was thoroughly impressed with your ability to break steps down!

Lynne Ogle: It must take a ridiculous amount of work to run Encore so smoothly. This attendee had a wonderful time - thanks!

South Florida Cloggers: Although my view was obstructed while lined up for curtain call, what I could see of your performance in the Encore show was fantastic! Plus, your dresses are darling!

Clog Wild Cloggers: All of your dancers were delightful company in clogging classes this weekend. It was a pleasure to meet you!

Connie Porter (a clogging mom on my team): You did a lovely job of organizing hotel reservations for this trip! I'm sure that was a huge hassle, and I thank you for taking on the task.

Your challenge for today is to compliment at least two cloggers!