Time to finally learn Rocky Top...


I have a confession. An embarrassing one, for someone who has been clogging for years:

I don't know the Rocky Top dance

Yes, the routine choreographed by JoAnn Gibbs that EVERY clogger knows. Every clogger except me.  (Hanging my head in shame.)

I can back-row it, but that is all.  At the old Bob Evans Farm Festival performances (I miss those shows!), when all the teams were invited onstage to dance together, I found a safe spot at middle or back of the pack where I could follow along and fake it. 

There is semi-good reason for this: My previous team did a routine to "Rocky Top" and it was one of my favorites! When a routine becomes your favorite, no other choreography to that music feels "right."  

All of the above was true until last week, when I decided to get with the program and actually learn this dance! 

For a routine that is not technically difficult, this turned into more work than I expected!

Tracking down the cue sheet is no problem. You can find it  HERE.

Finding a video teach of the routine is also no problem. If you are lookin' to learn this dance, I recommend checking out Yellow Rose Cloggers of Ohio's YouTube channel. They have a video to teach it, a video to dance along at slow speed, and another video to dance at full speed! There are plenty of videos by other groups and instructors, but I am impressed by how thoroughly Yellow Rose has it covered! 

My trouble came with trying to purchase the correct version of the music, which is performed by Terri Gibbs. While I could find some of Terri's music on iTunes, "Rocky Top" is not there. I can find it on a record available for purchase online, and my clogging director has it on cassette - not so helpful these days!

I was eventually able to obtain a copy, but if anyone knows where it can be purchased online, please let me know!

(Holding head high.) I now know this routine! Cue sheets are already printed out for the beginner class to start this dance next week! (Would've been this week, but I didn't anticipate  difficulty in finding the music.)

Bring it on at the World Of Clogging fun dances - I've FINALLY got this one! 

What famous fun dance do YOU need to learn?