Clogging shoe care: A review of Tarrago Shoe Cream


Dirt and scuffs and stains, oh my! Between dance classes and shows, those clogging shoes quickly lose their shine and become less than show-worthy (Not sure that's really a word, but you know what it means.).

Lately, my shoe polish hasn't been cutting it! I've started a search to find the best products to keep my clogging shoes looking good.

This week, I tried Tarrago shoe cream.

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I came across this product online while searching for something to spruce up an old but comfortable pair of ballet flats. This shoe cream was recommended, and I decided to order it in white as well to see how it works on clogging shoes.

The BEFORE pic:


Not horrible, but not looking good. Plenty of scuffs all over, especially at the toes. Note: this pic was taken after the shoes were wiped off to get rid of surface dirt.

Open up the shoe cream, and we are ready to go!


It looks almost like a thick paint in the jar.

Following suggestions found online, I applied this to my shoes using an old tee shirt rag.

I took this whole operation outside to avoid a messy cleanup. 

Comparison shot with only one shoe done:


As you can see, the shoe on the left (which is actually my right shoe - this could get confusing real quick!) has less noticeable scuff marks. The shoe doesn't look perfect or new, but it looks much better! My team director would have no issues with the appearance of that shoe at a performance!

Here's the finished product:



1. My clogging shoes look prettier!

2. Tarrago shoe cream is available in many colors, including the most common clogging shoe colors: black, white, red. It also comes in purple, blue, green, silver etc. for those of you who wear those fun custom shoes!

3. My  shoes actually feel good! They don't have that chalky texture shoes get after layers and layers of regular shoe polish.


1. Application is messier than regular shoe polish, and you need to supply your own rag to apply it.

2. Use of this product requires some advanced planning. It's not practical to pull this out of your dance bag and apply a coat right before a performance like regular shoe polish!


I like this product. The jar should last a long time. I especially like the improved feel of the shoe - so much better than that chalky feeling from shoe polish! I haven't yet applied a second coat, but am curious to see if that covers up the scuffs even more!


Clean clogging shoes AND a caffeinated beverage - I am READY for dance class!

Disclaimer: The Tarrago company does not know I exist - we are not affiliated in any way. This review reflects my own experience with the product. I did not receive any compensation for writing this review.

Do YOU have any shoe care products to recommend?