Clogger's Dictionary: Nursing home show (noun)


Today's clogging vocabulary lesson involves a type of performance almost every team does: the nursing home show.

Get ready to move tables and clear some space in the facility dining room!

Here's my formal definition:

Nursing home show (noun): A clogging performance where the dancers bring entertainment to an audience who may not be able to get out to attend other events. Synonyms include retirement home show, rest home show, etc.

These shows are not without their quirks. A few I have noticed over the years:

Flooring seems to come in two options: 1. The standard tile floor, always slippery in taps. 2. Some type of imitation wood floor that you are NOT allowed to wear clogging shoes on, so you end up dancing in sneakers. Make it work.

Some of the audience will fall asleep during the show. Don't take it personally. There could be many reasons for this, none of which have anything to do with your dancing.

There is usually one feisty old lady who gets up to dance with the team on "Cotton-Eyed Joe." Go with it. She is awesome, and you might learn a few new moves!

Dance your new songs if you want, but include a few old standards. It's a treat to see members of the audience singing along to "Rocky Top" or anything by Elvis!

Chatting with the audience after the performance will make your day! Be sure to thank them for attending - some of those folks sat up longer than is comfortable in order to watch you dance. Prepare to be humbled when you meet some amazing individuals!

A nursing home show may not be the most high profile performance for a clogging team, but it can be one of the most rewarding things you do all year!

Do YOU have a story to share about a nursing home show?