National dance list/fun dance challenge!


When you attend a clogging event, how many fun dance routines do you know by heart?  (I mean REALLY know, without back-rowing it.) Twelve percent? Fifty percent? 

If you're Nelson at the World of Clogging workshop fun dance, that number must be close to ninety-eight percent! 

I don't know his last name or where he lives, but I have admired this gentleman for years. Older than my father, he outdances all the young whippersnappers on the floor! Not so much in terms of bounciness, but in depth of knowledge. Nelson doesn't have to sit out a dance because he doesn't know the steps; if he's in a chair, he's taking a well-deserved break.

I want to be more like Nelson.

Who's with me?! Let's work our way through the CLOG National Dance List and other common fun dances not on the list, such as "Little Red Riding Hood".

This is not an official challenge with complicated rules and fabulous prizes. Everyone who learns at least one new routine to do at a fun dance is a winner. (Wait, that IS a fabulous prize!) 

Learn at the pace you choose, in the order you choose. I'll post periodic updates of what I'm working on if anyone wants to follow along with me. 

I recently learned the official "Rocky Top" routine, and was able to front-row it at a fun dance. It felt good! 

My team doesn't know it yet, but they're doing at least part of this with me, starting with "Bad Moon Rising". We're headed to Hoedown Island in Kentucky this August. Jane Bolin always plays that song at the fun dance. I intend to be ready for it this year!

If you're playing along, Kerri Orthner has a list of videos on her YouTube channel to get you started. 

When I get through the CLOG National Dance List, I will ask Bridget at my local tee shirt shop to make me somethin' special to commemorate the occasion!

If anyone knows Nelson, please tell him he has a big fan in southeastern Ohio! (Kicking myself for not asking him for an interview at the World of Clogging workshop...)

What fun dances do YOU want to learn?