All That! and a trip to the beach.


Myrtle Beach, SC. Friday, July 15, 2016. Section B, Row 4, Seat 13. My vacation became way more awesome with a ticket to see All That! at the Carolina Opry!

I saw All That! perform in their "home" theater once before -  the last time Dieter held his Beach Jam competition - but the audience was full of cloggers. What would it be like on a "normal" summer night?

A certain handsome gentleman was a good sport about adding this clogging show to vacation (As if he doesn't see enough clogging in his life, ha-ha!), so I let him choose between Time Warp and the Carolina Opry show. Sadly, we were too late for Thunder & Light, which typically only runs on Thursdays. My handsome gentleman opted for Time Warp, and tickets were easily ordered online.


Time Warp features hits from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Gotta love that! It of course opens up with its namesake song from The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Our beloved clogging boys are not the only draw - musicians, singers, dancers put together a fun show that leaves you singing along! My favorite number without the cloggers was Walk Like An Egyptian. It is MANDATORY to sing and dance to this song! My apologies to the audience members seated nearby (But only in a sorry, not sorry kind of way.)


All That! lookin' fancy for this routine! It's not just other cloggers who love to watch them - the crowd was mesmerized every time they took the stage.


Clogger Mike Curtis and his lovely wife Megan (She is the theater dance captain!) strut their stuff on Stayin' Alive(Another mandatory sing and dance number, btw!)


All That! sports another look from another time...


After the show, I waited in line behind a slew of adorable white-haired ladies to get a photo with these handsome celebrities. The gentlemen of All That! were polite and gracious with all  their fans. 

When my turn came, I shamelessly name-dropped my director.  :)  I have seen most of the current members of All That! for years at workshops and competitions, but don't know any of them personally. When I said that I clog with Evie, aka Johnny's grandma, several members sent greetings and well-wishes to pass on to her. She loved hearing from you guys! (My director's grandson used to perform with them from time to time.)

Cloggers: If you are not bound by the school schedule, this is a great time to plan a trip to South Carolina to see All That! AND enjoy the beach! 

Congrats on your success, All That! 

Have YOU seen All That! perform at the Carolina Opry? Share your experience in the comments!