Clogger's Dictionary: Clogging director (noun)


This is probably the toughest entry Clogger's Dictionary has tackled to date: clogging director. Common synonyms include clogging teacher, clogging instructor, clogging coach, etc. All of these terms are woefully inadequate as a job description, but they do at least fit on the back of a tee shirt...

Attempt at a formal definition:

Clogging director (noun): The brave soul who organizes a group of loud, energetic dancers into a team. With this title comes obvious duties, such as teaching dance steps/routines, ordering costumes, running the sound system, collecting class fees, paying studio bills, setting the show schedule, etc. Sounds like stuff anybody with dance experience can handle, right? 

WRONG!  Many can clog, but only a few are able to become directors. The kicker lies in extra jobs that accompany this title, including surrogate parent, counselor, chauffeur, cheerleader, drill sergeant, referee, chef, hairdresser, party planner, hotel manager, role model, critic, tutor, advocate, nurse, friend. Is there a college degree for that?

Thank you to all the clogging directors out there! I don't know how you do it all, but please keep it up!

This post is dedicated with love to Margie, Betty, and Evie. You have all made me into a better clogger and a better person.
What extra jobs does YOUR clogging director perform?