Clogger's Dictionary: Team spirit (noun)


Everybody is familiar with today's vocabulary term: team spirit! It's not all hootin' and hollerin' and wearing a funny hat. Some aspects of team spirit require more work than that. 

A basic definition:

Team spirit (noun): Feelings of cooperation, respect, and/or friendship which allow group members to work together for the greater good of the team as opposed to the good of any individual member. Group members who possess a great deal of team spirit are known as team players, and these folks are critical to the success of a clogging team.  Indirect team members, such as fans and family, can also have team spirit.

Sometimes, it's easy to have team spirit! You're excited about a new dance and everybody looks great and the show is at your favorite festival. Hurray!

Other times, it can be a challenge. You've got the new dance down perfectly and look great doing it, but other team members don't have it yet. Sorry, you've gotta cheerfully clog the older routine you may be sick of. Maybe while wearing that dress that doesn't flatter you. Maybe you need to switch and dance the "boy" part because someone is missing and the less-experienced substitute dancer only knows one part. 

Team spirit is contagious! It just takes one or two dancers taking pride in the team and finding ways to contribute. Soon, other dancers are inspired to take action, too!

Ready to display some team spirit this week? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Take a few minutes to help a fellow dancer with a step or routine he/she is trying to master.

2. Compliment a teammate who is working hard at dance class.

3. Bring a snack to practice! 

4. Wear your team tee shirt.

5. Learn a dance you don't normally perform so you can serve as a fill-in when needed.

6. Toss an extra hair bow or pair of socks or whatever item your teammates seem to forget into your dance bag so you can help somebody out at the next performance.

7. Help tidy up the studio after class. Toss out forgotten water bottles, etc.

Family members and fans can display team spirit, too! Setting up the sound system, fixing hair, keeping the little ones lined up properly, cheering loudly in the stands, waving team posters and banners, or simply commenting that you are proud of us when we accomplish something. It goes a long way.

There is one common display of team spirit which I have yet to witness at a clogging competition or performance:


Come on, clogging dads and husbands! Time to step it up! :) 

 How will YOU be a team player and show team spirit this week?