New year, new clogging goals!


Happy new year, cloggers! While it is appropriate to take stock of where you are and where you want to be all year long, the new year just begs for a little self-reflection. When my clogging team returned to classes on Tuesday after a holiday break, many teammates were willing to share their clogging goals for 2017. (Thanks!) 

If you are still determining goals for the new year, you may find some inspiration here!


I am working on an advanced routine with completely new steps and concepts and I want to finish choreographing and conceptualizing it by the end of the year.

Dustin is always creating interesting performance pieces, so this should be something to see when he's finished!


To be Clogger of the Year. Be a better clogger. 

Clogger of the Year is one of highest awards you can win at my team's annual banquet. Great goal!


1) I hope that I can learn to do the competition dances.
2) To go to practice. Hope that you can send videos of the dances to practice.

This girl has a plan! Before I had a chance to peek at anyone's goals, Abby had already asked for videos of dances she doesn't know so she can practice at home! I'm thinking Ida Red will be great to start with, and then we can make her videos of other routines...


My 2017 goal is to come to class on a weekly, regular basis... and maybe attempt a demo or two!  :) And maybe, maybe attempt to teach Riley a dance or two...

Carrie welcomed baby #2 into her family in 2016! We are glad to have her back in clogging class and look forward to watching her toddler (Riley) learn the basics!


1) My goal in 2017 is to make it to the AGT stage *more than once* with the clogging family that has brought me so far already.
2) I plan to practice our routines heavily (daily) and keep faith in my team members!

Jordan knows how to dream big! I love that his goal specifies he wants to dance on AGT more than once!


1) My goal in 2017 is to improve upon any technical errors in my dancing and hopefully choreograph a solo routine for competition.
2) Pay more attention to the small details of my dancing and spend some time coming up with ideas for my solo!

Great goals, Molly! Getting the little details right takes a dancer to a whole different level of performance. Gotta give her credit - I know that she already started working on her goals over the holiday break!

Here's mine:

Sheila Jo

My goal is to be READY for any interesting clogging opportunities that come my way!

Being ready means many things to me: It means maintaining a certain level of physical fitness, staying sharp on technical skills to the best of my ability, knowing as many routines as possible, and having a routine "in my pocket" at all times that I can perform well without advance notice.

I am not currently there - that's why it is a goal. There will of course be temporary setbacks! Already, an upcoming minor surgery will necessitate a break from clogging, so time will be spent getting back to baseline. 

I have started working on step videos posted by the Metronomes. Their videos are great for learning something new and challenging! I am still working my way through learning the National Dance List - we're working on "Callin' Baton Rouge" in class right now!

Our fearless team leader once again has a goal that all cloggers can take to heart:


My 2017 goal is to enjoy every day to the fullest! To keep high knees in my clogging routines, to stay sharp and remember the next step! Smile through the mistakes, loving every minute!

Wise words from a wise lady!

What are YOUR clogging goals for 2017?