Dance studio games: treasure hunt


Need a party game for an event at the clogging studio? Try a treasure hunt! I had so much fun creating an outdoor treasure hunt for Clog Camp at Fancy Free Studio last weekend, I decided to write clues for an indoor dance studio treasure hunt. We have unique decor at FFC Studio (Bean Chicken, I'm lookin' at you!), but these clues focus on items visible at dance classes everywhere. Customize as needed to fit your location.


Whatever you decide! (In preparing this post, I learned there is a difference between a treasure hunt and a scavenger hunt. Feel free to fall into that rabbit hole on the internet!) 

A typical treasure hunt gives out only the first clue, which the class must solve to find the next clue. The final clue leads to a prize. This can be an activity the class performs together, or separate hunts can be set up for teams to race against each other.

A non-sequential treasure hunt lists every clue at once. Teams collect an item such as a sticker from each clue location. This allows the team to solve clues in any order or skip a clue if they are stuck.

Another option is to place all the clues in a grab bag and teams draw a new clue from the teacher each time they solve one. This prevents teams from following each other and makes the game more competitive, as each team tries to solve clues faster to obtain more points. Difficult clues may be assigned higher point values to make things more interesting.


Air conditioner or fan

When I'm on high,
The room gets cool.
I'm convenient to have
At a dancing school!

Trash can

Having fun at dance class?
I hope you're feeling pumped!
Grouchy cloggers get tossed out
In the place where trash is dumped!


Look at me during practice
To improve your technique.
It's important to know
Which moves need a tweak!

Coffee maker

I bring adults to life
When I am set to brew.
My steaming liquid energy
Helps them keep up with the likes of you!


Dancing well at competitions,
Has earned these shiny prizes.
Third place! Second place! First place! Overall!
They come in many shapes and sizes.

Costume closet or costume rack

Clogging costumes can be red,
Clogging costumes can be blue.
A costume that is pink
Is holding your next clue!

Bulletin board/calendar/schedule

Check me for new announcements
At Fancy Free Clogging Studio!
I list the details of events
To keep you in the know.

Main desk

Step right up to pay your bill
And get your name marked down as present.
Your fees help pay for water, power, toilet paper - 
Things that make this place more pleasant!

Sound system or speaker

I pump out the music
To help you stay on beat.
You may need to turn me up
So I am louder than your feet!


When the teacher gives a break,
I am one place dancers rush.
Leave me clean for other teammates, please,
And don't forget to flush!

Whatever the occasion, have a great party at the studio!

Do YOU have a fun rule variation or a clue to add to this list?