Clog. Search for monsters. Typical weekend, right?


Fancy Free Cloggers made our annual trek to West Virginia to perform with the Riverside Cloggers and enjoy the kookiness and spookiness that is the Mothman Festival. As usual, the town of Point Pleasant did not disappoint!

You can read a brief summary of the Mothman story in last year's blog post.


A visit to Mothman's statue is required on any trip to Point Pleasant! During the festival, the surrounding streets are lined with vendors. The Mothman Museum is conveniently located on the corner.


The Mothman Festival has the best shopping experience of any festival I've attended. Artists know their audience for this event and create unique items. Local businesses get in on the act, too. Even a prom/bridal store sold Mothman creations on the street!


Readers can purchase books on paranormal topics directly from the author! Molly and I got our new reads autographed by Bryna Butler. Molly is holding a YA mystery, the first in Ms. Butler's "Mothman Mysteries" series. (Not sure when the next one will be released, but you can keep up with the latest news on the author's website.) Molly started reading on the trip home and shared favorite tidbits out loud. I look forward to reading it myself!

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I'm holding a sci-fi anthology containing a "Mothman Mysteries" short story by Ms. Butler. Proceeds from this book will be donated to a scholarship fund through the Society of Women Engineers.


The food vendors join in the fun, too! Root beer floats just don't have that creepy factor. This vendor solves the problem by placing a scary clown on the roof!


In my opinion, this cotton candy booth wins all the food creativity points! Renaming their product as moth floss is pretty darn good, plus they added red eyes on the bags!


Clogging show right at river's edge with our friends. That alone makes for a good day! Riverside Cloggers always plans a few dances for both teams to perform together, along with individual team routines. Thanks for sharing your awesome hometown show with us!


Mothwoman roams the streets, posing for photos along the way.


I'm guessing these adorable Mothrunners kicked butt in the festival's 5K!


If we show up at your door, things are BAD. Don't worry, you won't remember it! Just stare at this shiny red dot for a sec...


A couple Bigfoot sightings round out the day.

The 2018 Mothman Festival is scheduled for September 15 and 16. Make your plans now!

One SERIOUS question for everyone to wrap this up:

If anyone knows how the vote turned out at Mothman Festival, please let me know!