Happy Double Double Day! It's time for cloggers to have a holiday!


Move over, groundhog - the cloggers are taking this day! I declare February 2 to be

Double Double Day!

Cloggers, you are all invited to celebrate by posting a video of your favorite double double step variation!

Here's one from the FFC Redheads to get you started:

If you don't know the double double step, here's an instructional video from Kerri Orthner's YouTube channel:

(Check out her other videos while you're there. Kerri's channel is a great resource for cloggers!)

Happy Double Double Day!

Better get to dancin' so you can stay warm! That pesky groundhog predicted another 6 weeks of winter...

Thank you to my FFC teammates Molly and Jordan for filming with me at dance class! Thank you to Sabrena for taking the videos!

What other clogging holidays should we celebrate this year?