Cabin Fever Clogging Workshop 2017!


Happy days (and clogging workshops) are here again!  Once the flurry of activities to begin a new year settles down, clogging workshops are a welcome excuse to get out and dance!

My first workshop for 2017 was Cabin Fever, hosted by Buckeye Country Cloggers! This workshop relocated a short distance to Mansfield, OH for a bit more space after packing the school gym in Bellville, OH last year. Not sure where it will be next year after filling this new venue, too!

Thanks to the organizers, instructors, and participants for a fun day of clogging!

Friday Adventures

The workshop was about 140 miles from my house, so I opted to drive up the night before. Photos on the hotel website promised a sizable hot tub - bonus! 

Dinner was the first adventure. I joined two teammates at the hotel restaurant. After a lengthy wait, the bartender walked over with menus and took our drink order, saying something about the waitress must be busy and she would be around shortly to take our food order. Nope! 

The bartender eventually made his way back and took our food order, again making reference to a waitress. At NO POINT during that meal did a waitress appear in the restaurant!  We have theories, all of which would land the bartender in jail, and the most amusing of which involves him pulling a "Mrs. Doubtfire" in order to collect two paychecks. (There was no charge for that second margarita. He knew we had his scheme all figured out...)

During our meal, we heard the faint but unmistakable sound of clogging taps. Customers at another table were playing a video on someone's phone. Cloggers! They were a friendly bunch from West Virginia. (Forgot to ask Cindy the next day if she ever saw a waitress.)

About that hot tub: My teammates arrived earlier in the day and had already explored the hotel. They escorted me to the pool area after dinner to shatter my dreams of a nice hot soak...


We settled for a swim in the pool. It was NOT the same!

Saturday Adventures

There is no nearby Starbucks at home, and this clogger loves some salted caramel mocha! After getting the day off to a good, caffeinated start, I set my gps to the workshop address. 

Don't ya love it when your gps gets confused?! I saw the Main Street exit and thought it might be the one, but gps said to keep driving. The gps changed its mind immediately after passing the exit and instructed me to make a u-turn! Grr... Other workshop attendees had a similar experience, but the location was easy to find once I got on the correct road.

I donned clogging shoes and joined my fellow cloggers on the dance floor. It was the  first clogging workshop ever for my teammates Hollie and Joel!


Gotta hand it to Bob, who runs beginner class at FFC studio! He just introduced the joey, hard step, and slurs during the past couple classes. These steps were put to use in the first couple teaches! I was glad our newer cloggers were at least familiar with these steps. Thanks, Bob! (In honor of Jason Pflugh's sister, the joey is instead spelled "joie" on his cuesheets, but the step remains the same, ha-ha.)

Workshops provide a wonderful opportunity to connect with friends!


My team director is a social butterfly at these events!


I displayed my usual amount of um, grace on the dance floor. (For those of you who like to deal with solid numbers, that amount would be zero.)


See the disco ball suspended from the ceiling? There was talk of tossing petite Sara Ackerman up to dance in the tulle and lights for added performance flair, but it never came to pass. 

Fancy Free Cloggers received a plaque, a giant custom card, and a cake as congrats on our AGT audition! We appreciate the love from our fellow cloggers. The plaque and card are now prominently displayed in the studio - thanks!


Wondering about the cake? Jim claimed it! He did share it at dance class this week, and I suppose he earned it by doing all those push-ups.


Prizes were presented to the youngest clogger, oldest clogger, and most distance traveled to attend. The woman who won oldest registered dancer is adorable and I want to be like her when I grow up!

We snagged a picture with Adam King after his teach - Hollie said his was the hardest dance class she's ever taken! She and Joel did us proud at their first workshop! (We're trying to talk them into Smoky Mountain Encore next.)


Did anyone else do battle with the water fountain? It provided a thin stream with inconsistent pressure, sometimes barely dribbling over, sometimes shooting to the door! Hey, a clogger's gotta stay hydrated! I provided amusement to my teammates with each water bottle refill.


Two teams did a fine job of exhibitions once the teaches were over! (Technically three teams, since two performed together.) Walnut Hill & Rock 'N Country Cloggers got us all clapping with their routine to "Kick the Dust Up!" (Does anybody know the name of the team in mint green shirts? They danced a cute routine to "Big Rock Candy Mountain.")

There was a fun dance, but I had an empty belly and a long drive home. Dinner buffet at Der Dutchman was a tasty reward for the day's exercise!


Buckeye Country Cloggers dedicated the workshop to the memory of their founders, Paul and Ruth Williams. I think you made them proud! Thanks for your hard work to create this fun event! Thank you to instructors Jeff Driggs, Jason Pflugh, Jared Pullum, Brian Dion, and Adam King for the teaches! Thank you to all the cloggers who particpated and made this event a success!

These cloggin' feet won't get much recovery time - I'm headed to the Florida Clogging Festival next to attend their workshop and competition! (No, I won't have a hot tub there. Sigh...)

What workshops are YOU attending this year?