NINETY-FOUR and still on the dance floor: Happy Birthday, Jim!


Close your eyes and picture a birthday party for a 94-year-old. Done? Okay, open your eyes.

In your mind, did the birthday boy drive to his clogging studio, strut inside amidst a "king's highway" formed by applauding teammates, and spend the evening eating cake and dancing? 

Nope, this is not one of those annoying "you don't know AARP" commercials; this is real life at Fancy Free Clogging Studio!

Our beloved Jim Kimmerly turns 94 this week, so Tuesday night clogging class transformed into a party. Evie set the stage with decorations and a poster of favorite Jim photos.


Molly, our team baker, whipped up a tasty cake decorated with blue accents (Jim's favorite color).


Jim shared words of wisdom with the class, including advice to always have an activity you enjoy and don't worry if you aren't as good at it as you would've been at 20 or 30. 


Jim's sense of humor cracks us all up!


Teammate Dustin created a post on Facebook for cloggers everywhere to comment with birthday wishes, stories, and photos of Jim. THANK YOU to everyone who participated! Dustin printed out the comments for Jim to take home after we read several aloud. Jim received birthday greetings from as far away as Australia, and he loved every single one!

Poor Jim did have to endure our singing before eating cake...


Evie opened up the floor for anyone to speak. Several cloggers shared heartwarming stories about Jim. He got a big hug from Elysia after her turn at the mic.


Johnathon summed it up best by recalling his first impressions of meeting Jim. This priceless commentary was captured on video. I'm sure you'll get to see it later!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JIM! The clogging world is a better place with you in it! We love you!