My favorite shoes are clogging shoes!


Running the sound system will never be my strength in clogging class. A full month as DJ Sheila Jo made this quite clear. No surprise to every teenager on my team. They teach me how to use a cell phone on a regular basis...

With my surgeon's okay, I laced up clogging shoes and returned to the dance floor this week. IT FEELS GOOD TO MAKE NOISE WITH MY FEET AGAIN!!! Every clogger who has come back from an injury/procedure/illness knows exactly what I'm talking about!

Much work lies ahead to get my clogging strength and stamina back, but I'm off to a good start: FFC is currently learning "High Horse" as part of the national dance list/fun dance challenge!


Who will run the music during class now? Don't worry, Fancy Free Cloggers! For the right number of treats, DJ Nellie No is willing to take over the job...

Do YOU have any tips for returning to dance after an injury/procedure/illness?