Clogging class is loud, y'all!


As cloggers, we learn to tune it out: The noise, the chatter, the clatter, the taps, the sweat, the cues, the movement, the music...

No wonder our family members sometimes experience overload when sitting in the studio as spectators!

The general public doesn't show up to hang out at our studio, but we of course have parents, grandparents, siblings, etc. waiting for class to end.

A certain handsome gentleman I married attends shows on occasion, but he watched practice at my studio exactly one time. This occurred before we were officially engaged, so he was still trying to win me over at that point...

He reported the noise was not overwhelming when we danced routines to music. It got to him more as the class worked on new steps with dancers not yet in sync, or even between dances, when the sound of taps clanged everywhere with dancers walking to get drinks, go to the bathroom, etc.

Other spectators are unfazed by all the racket! My director's husband has adapted to the dance life; he just smiles and says he loves it all! Good thing - don't know how he would survive otherwise!

One of our team grandmas says she is used to plenty of noise at home from her grandchildren; dance studio noise doesn't bother her a bit! Plus, she enjoys watching dancers improve from week to week. Gotta love grandmas!

Anyway, there IS a point to this rambling: Don't give your family members a hard time if they need to step outside or if they prefer to not watch your practice at all! It's probably way more enjoyable for them to see you dance a show somewhere else instead of sitting through class in a loud and crowded dance studio. That's okay.

We're the lucky ones who hear music in our feet!

How do YOUR family members react to the dance studio environment?