Clogging lets my feet do the singing! (You're welcome, world...)


True story: I am SUCH a bad singer, a receptionist at work once created an office rule that I was not allowed to sing. An accompanying rule stated that she was not allowed to dance...

This lack of talent in no way stops me from singing terribly in the car, so beware if we ever carpool! It does, however, give me a great appreciation for the singing talents of others. Last weekend, my schedule was filled with music!

It started off Thursday night in Columbus, OH at Shadowbox Live. The handsome gentleman and I were gifted tickets and used them to watch Evolutionaries, a Prince/David Bowie tribute show! Thanks, Sean!


Friday was opening night for a local high school production of The Music Man. One clogging teammate was in the play, while another teammate did the choreography. Evie got us front row seats to enjoy all the trouble in River City! Great job, Jordan! And Rachel! And the rest of the cast!


Saturday's adventure included a drive to Cincinnati, OH to watch my cousin perform with his male a capella choir! Cousin Dale is one of the baritones in Southern Gateway Chorus. They recently won their district and will be headed to Vegas later this year for even tougher competition!


After hearing these skilled singers all weekend, my crooning in the car sounds worse than ever! That's okay, though. Clogging lets me sing with my feet, even a cappella sometimes. 

La-la-la-la-la! Double-step-rock-step-brush-up!

Keep on using your own talents and appreciating those of others...