Cloggin' at the fair!


Fair season is upon us! Cloggers everywhere are making the rounds, putting on shows in pavilions, shelter houses, or wherever else there is a hard floor at the local fairgrounds. Fancy Free Cloggers danced two shows at our county fair on Tuesday, and we thoroughly enjoyed the sights!

Former teammate Kristen represented her workplace in the mocktails contest. Her red, white, and blue recipe (including Twizzlers) got my vote! She ultimately brought home second place. Congrats!


The advantage of dancing on Senior Citizens Day at the fair? Your afternoon show takes place in the air-conditioned building! We even got a mention on the door.


You've GOTTA dance Cotton-Eyed Joe at the fair!


Fair food is necessary after dancing! After some debate, we chose the cowboy stir fry booth. YUM!


We take candy buckeyes seriously in Ohio. One booth boasted more varieties than I have ever seen! A teammate and I settled on blue velvet, oreo, and cookie dough. All were excellent choices...


I can make friends with cats no problem, but being less familiar with the ways of farm animals, a personal introduction helps. Two of my favorite singers from the Murphy Kids took on the job. Marah let me meet her adorable cow, Dumpling.


Alli introduced the energetic goats she and her sister brought to the fair. Presenting Chicken, Fries, Ravioli, and Lasagna!


Former clogging teammate Emma has years of 4-H experience. Her cow, Shelly, looked relaxed and quite at home in the fair barn. 


"I won the baby contest, and I pick this one!" Sorry, Evie - that's not how the baby contest works...

This sweetie is the daughter of former clogging teammate Ashlee!


Fancy Free Cloggers danced an evening show once the baby contest finished. We had several takers for the audience participation number!


Thanks for a fun day, Adams County Fair! See you next year!

Are YOU performing at the county fair this year? What's your favorite thing to do or see at the fair?