Home Sweet Studio!


My youngest nephew hopped a plane from the Sunshine State to the Buckeye State last week for a visit with Aunt Sheila Jo and Uncle Handsome Gentleman. Yes, you read that correctly: he LEFT the land of Disney for vacation!

Having out-of-state family around always makes me appreciate my local area more. Things I take for granted because they're always around become special again when viewed through other eyes. It's also an excuse to finally check out any new attraction down the road I keep meaning to see but never get around to...

Let's test the acoustics in Whispering Cave!


"Bring me a shrubbery!" Oops, wrong movie. A Ferris Bueller reference is required at Topiary Park.


Shh! We're catching up on reading at the new coffee shop.


What does this post have to do with clogging?

The same concept applies to your dance studio.  Another team may have a newer/shinier/larger place, but your own dance floor has plenty of charm, too!


Here are just a few things to appreciate about my dance studio:

Folks who make me smile.


A dance instructor always willing to lend a helping hand.


Teammates who walk the extra mile with you, even when conditions aren't ideal.


A director willing to go for it when interesting opportunities come along.


I challenge everyone to take a look around today and see what treasures you already have!

Now it's YOUR turn! What do you appreciate about your home dance studio? (Or your home region, for the non-dancing readers.)