You can't plan this stuff; surprise artist visitor at clogging class.


Anyone serving as admin for a clogging team’s website or social media account is familiar with this story: A message arrives from a stranger asking about dance class. He or she obtains all the pertinent info, including directions to the studio. Sometimes they show up, sometimes they don’t…

I thought I was dealing with this scenario when I replied to Corinna’s inquiries before Fancy Free’s regular Tuesday night clogging class.

Fortunately for us, Corinna (and Mike) did show up. Clogging was not the only subject taught at FFC Studio that evening!


Corinna English is a Native American artist from Washington. She has been traveling across the country, selling her art at various events along the way. She searches online for activities to try in each area so she can get some exercise and learn something new.


Corinna took a flatfooting lesson in Virginia, went square dancing somewhere else, and tried her feet at clogging with us in Ohio.


(For the record, Corinna did a wonderful job.)

Intrigued by her story, Evie asked Corinna to speak to the class about her art. Our new artist friend made a trip out to her van to retrieve artwork examples and delivered a fascinating impromptu lesson!


Corinna talked about being a tribal member of the Quinault Nation and discussed the importance of symbols (such as salmon) hidden within her pieces. The longer you stare at her artwork, the more you find within it!


Works in progress include this drum with a turtle design and a feather carved from cedar by Corinna’s brother. This sibling collaboration will be decorated by Corinna’s painting later.


The entire class was mesmerized by this unexpected art instruction.

My refrigerator is prettier these days, thanks to the magnet Corinna gifted to each of us.


Her generosity did not end there; Corinna presented our 95-year-old Navy veteran with a print of her beautiful “Freedom” painting. Wow!


This unfinished “Sasquatch” piece is my personal favorite. I’m looking forward to seeing the completed version later!

To see more of Corinna’s artwork, check out her Facebook page and her Etsy store.

Fancy Free Cloggers wish Corinna and Mike safe travels for the rest of their journey. Please stop by again if ever you find yourselves in Adams County, Ohio!

As for me and the other team admins, we’ll be responding to info requests with renewed optimism.

Does YOUR team have a you-can’t-plan-this-stuff story to share? Tell us about it in the comments!