Each time could be the last time. Clog accordingly.


Clogging at the Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, WV is a special treat for Fancy Free Cloggers. It isn’t even our gig; the Riverside Cloggers kindly share their quirky “home turf” performance with us each year.


Some festival attendees decorate their vehicles for the occasion. This was my personal favorite from the parking area.

Shuttle service from official event parking was slow and unorganized on Saturday morning. I eventually gave up on the shuttle and started walking until a vehicle slowed beside me and a voice said, “Sheila, get in!” It was a member of my writing group. Thanks, Dana!


The festival did not disappoint! It brought all of the strange sights, costumes, and merchandise. Who ya gonna call?


Adding to the spooky atmosphere, the festival hosted film screenings and a variety of speakers and panel discussions in the old State Theater, closed for many years. Topics mostly involved the paranormal, aliens, and sightings of strange creatures. So many conspiracy theories!

UPDATE: When I wrote the above paragraph, the website started acting strange, so I paused to hit “save.” Got an error message because the website host went down. Developing my own conspiracy theories now.


Food vendors found creative ways to incorporate the Mothman theme. In addition to these Mothballs, one could purchase a Mothman burrito, Moth floss (cotton candy), and other treats, most of which somehow included two red eyes in the packaging or in the food itself.

The artists/crafters created themed items as well. I found several unique items to purchase for myself and as gifts. A set of Mothman coasters now decorates my dining table.


Evie takes one of these photos every year. She is creepily good at the Men in Black pose! I feel another conspiracy theory coming on.


Members of both clogging teams found time to enjoy a spooky hayride.


Flooding earlier in the week left the amphitheater a muddy mess, so the clogging performance was moved to the end of a street. Riverside and Fancy Free Cloggers still managed to draw a great audience, including my sister-in-law.


Erica did a wonderful job of organizing the show. Members of both teams were clear regarding the order of dance, which numbers were combined, which routines were specific to only a single team, etc.


Of course, Erica did have top-notch help keeping the show on track!


Riverside’s “Sweatin’ to the Oldies” routine got plenty of laughs.


How could it not?! This humorous routine features Brenna in all her energetic glory as Richard Simmons!


Dancers from both teams charged the line after solos.


Thanks for the invitation, Riverside Cloggers! Fancy Free had a lovely time dancing with you!


Little did we know, this particular Mothman Festival clogging performance would take on a much greater significance in our memories.

It turned out to be the final show for Wanda from Riverside Cloggers (pictured above in orange, dancing with all of her signature sass). Wanda unexpectedly passed away not long after the festival.

Fancy Free Cloggers will forever consider it an honor that we got to be part of her final performance.

As we begin a new year of clogging, I urge you to approach ALL of your shows and practices with gusto. Even when the weather doesn’t cooperate, or the audience doesn’t smile, or you mess up.

Dance like it’s your last chance to learn from that instructor, the last time your teammates will perform that routine together, the last time that friend or family member will cheer you on from the audience…


Because sometimes it is.