Get out and clog! Cabin Fever Workshop 2018: THE PREQUEL


Nothing cures winter doldrums like a clogging workshop! It was my privilege to join approximately 161 delightful folks in Mansfield, Ohio last weekend to dance it out at Cabin Fever, hosted by the Buckeye Country Cloggers.

Every trip has its challenges. Same as last year, I drove the 140ish miles to Mansfield the night before Cabin Fever. The difficulty came in trying to eat dinner Friday. I have a love of Indian food and no nearby Indian restaurants at home. Saffron in Mansfield looked promising, with great online reviews. I scoped out the menu and looked forward all week to a feast of chicken tikka masala, garlic naan, and paneer pakora. I arrived to find a sign posted on the door: Saffron is closed for three weeks starting Friday, February 2nd! REALLY?! On a good note, chatting with the owner of the charming furniture/antique/local art store next door almost made up for it. She has a lovely chandelier that I may need to purchase for my dining room...

Stomach growling (but still wanting to try something new and not resort to a familiar chain restaurant), I conducted a quick search on my phone and settled on Besta Fasta Pizza. The Maps app navigated through the confusing maze of one-way streets in Mansfield, straight to a closed road. Like, a sign fully barricading the road. No pizza for me!

I drove back to the hotel with plans to get Besta Fasta Pizza delivered instead of trying to find an alternate route. Mood: HANGRY!

How is Besta Fasta? Beats me. I tried three times to place an order and never got anyone on the phone. Ended up ordering from a pizza place advertised at the hotel. Sigh...

Things did improve the next morning. I rolled my suitcase toward the exit and heard a familiar voice; famed clogging instructor Naomi Fleetwood-Pyle was chatting on her phone right by the door! She kindly got the door for me while I loaded the Mighty Cruze because she's cool like that. Thanks, Naomi!

Saturday was a great day! There was clogging, coffee, great food, and even better company. More to come on that next week...

Do YOU have a clogging travel story to share?