Fun dances

So many bridges, so little time. Hoedown Island has it all! Part TWO

Clearly, this is all Suzi’s fault. She dared to mention that the weather is generally blazing hot or it rains when Fancy Free Cloggers perform at Hoedown Island. This skies graciously provided both options this year!

Return to Hoedown Island, with a surprise...

Fancy Free Cloggers made the trip to Natural Bridge State Park in Slade, KY for our annual cookout and featured night to perform at Hoedown Island!

This hidden treasure of the clogging world holds a fun dance every Saturday night during the season.

Time to Disco: Smoky Mountain Encore!

Smoky Mountain Encore Clogging Workshop is worth the drive from Ohio to Tennessee! Or the flight from Florida, or the drive/flight from Canada! 

Not only do you get the chance to enjoy Gatlinburg, you have up to ten classes to choose from at any given time during the workshop! 

Naomi Fleetwood-Pyle taught an intermediate-level routine to Carrie Underwood's "Dirty Laundry."  If you did not take this class, pull out your syllabus NOW and read part C of Naomi's cue sheet! 

Ida Red, the little black dress of clogging.

The Clog Wild Cloggers of Alabama have a fun video making the rounds on the internet. Two of their dancers were kicking up their heels at a concert and the singer, Jeff Bates, brought them onstage to perform for the crowd!

The dancers, Kay Trimm and Jan Lankford, reacted as so many of us would in their situation: break into a round of Ida Red, then freestyle until the music ends!

The magical island of hoedowns, turtles, and (usually) rain!

Last Saturday was my clogging team's annual trek to Natural Bridge State Park in Slade, KY. This park is home to Hoedown Island, billed in the park brochure as the "clogging capitol of Kentucky."

Hoedown Island (actually a peninsula) is host to dancing every Saturday night during the season.