Clogging costumes

Parade at night? Let there be light!

Christmas season calls for parades. Night parades call for lights. HomeTown HoliDazzle in Wilmington, Ohio combines all of this and more! 

Fancy Free Cloggers once again snagged a spot in the parade lineup. This event is perfect to get FFC in the mood for our upcoming performances in the Murphy Theatre's Cartoon Christmas!

Good clogging jeans?

With summer weather comes outdoor festival season for cloggers. Commence happy dance! Many teams, Fancy Free Cloggers included, opt for denim and team tee shirts for such shows.

While it may not be as flashy as other costumes, this outfit comes with distinct advantages: 

1. No pantyhose!

Good sportsmanship is alive and well in the clogging world!

The dressing room of a clogging competition is a crowded, hectic place. Costume pieces flung about during quick changes, bobby pins and safety pins everywhere, dancers making sure they have every piece of the next costume on, a crowd around the mirror, and the smell of hairspray in the air...

The dressing room is also a place to make new friends, and frequently, to witness acts of good sportsmanship.

Costumes hangin' on the line: Dollywood Clogging Classic 2017, PART TWO

Sometimes, a dancer just has to take one for the team. I saw examples of this all day long at the Dollywood Clogging Classic, starting with my own director.

Evie opened her garment bag at Sunday's competition and was surprised to discover a wet costume on top. She dug through the bag to find every costume soaked. Remember how it rained all day Friday and Saturday? Apparently, Evie's car had a leaky trunk!

Time to Disco: Smoky Mountain Encore!

Smoky Mountain Encore Clogging Workshop is worth the drive from Ohio to Tennessee! Or the flight from Florida, or the drive/flight from Canada! 

Not only do you get the chance to enjoy Gatlinburg, you have up to ten classes to choose from at any given time during the workshop! 

Naomi Fleetwood-Pyle taught an intermediate-level routine to Carrie Underwood's "Dirty Laundry."  If you did not take this class, pull out your syllabus NOW and read part C of Naomi's cue sheet! 

Adventures in clogging: lighted Christmas parade!

The holiday season is in full swing, which means plenty of performance opportunities for cloggers! The latest for Fancy Free Cloggers was the Hometown Holidazzle lighted parade in Wilmington, Ohio!

First, the name "Hometown Holidazzle" is adorable and fun to say! Second, the town goes all out for this event!

I wish I had a photo of the parade grandstand, but couldn't get one since I was IN the parade! It was shining and flashing like Vegas! Way to go, Wilmington!

A pumpkin, a princess, and a creepy clown walk into a clogging show...

There's no punch line to follow this title, but it could very well describe the front row lineup of your Halloween clogging show this weekend!

While I won't be clogging at any Halloween events this year, I have done a few in my day. The costume you wear to a friend's party may NOT be the costume you should wear for performance!

Pack your bags! (And don't forget ANYTHING...)

It's competition time for my team! I will be headed to Bristol, Tennessee for the Dance Matrix event next weekend.

No matter how the awards fall, competitions always leave us with new inside jokes and special bonding moments. It will be a great time once I get there! BUT...

Does anybody else freak out about packing for competition?!

What are you lookin' at?!

MISSION: Obtain a new pair of pantyhose before our second clogging show of the day. My current pair developed a runner in the foot during show number one. Clear nail polish had this contained but my only backup pair was already used once. Wanted the security of a new pair in the clogging bag.

OPTIONS: This was not my hometown, but I knew how to get to Kroger and Walmart. Kroger was closer.