Performance tips

Clogging Connection in the Big Apple!

Clogging Connection brought Florida sunshine and impressive dance skills to the 11th Annual Dance Parade and Festival in New York City on May 20.

This parade began as a response to a New York Supreme Court case in 2006, which upheld an antiquated Cabaret Law from the 1920s, stating that social dancing is not a protected form of expression. The parade begins with a minute of silence for those around the world who cannot dance. This year's parade theme was "Dance for Peace."

A tale of two drag queens

Pay attention and every performer teaches something new or reinforces knowledge you already possess about putting on a show. No matter if it seemingly has nothing to do with your particular area of performance! I recently found tidbits of knowledge from an unexpected source.

Ginger has plenty going for her in her particular line of show: long legs, trim figure, gorgeous and obviously very expensive costumes, along with that special combo of confidence and pluck required to be a drag queen in the first place.  Ginger had top billing in this show.  Once her act began,  I was perplexed to see the "star" making rookie mistakes.