A tale of two drag queens

Pay attention and every performer teaches something new or reinforces knowledge you already possess about putting on a show. No matter if it seemingly has nothing to do with your particular area of performance! I recently found tidbits of knowledge from an unexpected source.

Ginger has plenty going for her in her line of show: long legs, trim figure, gorgeous and obviously very expensive costumes, along with that special combo of confidence and pluck required to be a drag queen in the first place.  Ginger had top billing in this show. Once her act began,  I was perplexed to see the "star" making rookie mistakes.

Ginger's favorite move appears to be a high kick, which was repeated at least a dozen times during her two numbers. Trouble is, Ginger's flexibility needs work! Her second number included a cartwheel, after which she adjusted her wig three times. Nowhere close to achieving a split, yet her dance contained one. Why, Ginger? She has strong moves she did not repeat, but instead left me cringing with each attempt at a high kick. Ginger doesn't know her weaknesses.

Nicole was a drag queen of lesser status in this show. Her costumes were not as elaborate as Ginger's, she did not have the advantage of Ginger's height and Nicole's figure contains plenty of junk in the trunk. I enjoyed Nicole's numbers immensely and predict she will be moving up in the ranks! Nicole's music and choreography choices complimented her body and skill set. Her second set included a minor misalignment of the right chest area, but she kept going and didn't fool with it. Nicole knows her strengths.

For a solo performance, all eyes are on you. Everything needs to be about your strengths. Practice those weaknesses but don't bring them to the spotlight until they become strengths!

What are YOUR strengths and weaknesses as a performer?